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A financial instrument that has a relatively stable price is said to have low volatility, while an instrument that is prone to sharp price movements, in either direction, is said to have high volatility. The volatility of financial markets as a whole can also be broadly measured; when a market is hard to predict and prices are changing rapidly and regularly, it is known as a volatile market.

Volatility in options trading is very important because it has a significant effect on the price of options. Many traders, particularly beginners, do not fully understand the implications of it and this can lead to problems. It is not possible to make any kind of accurate forecasts about how the price of options will move without having a clear insight about volatility and it's impact on option pricing.

More specifically, without knowing the role that implied volatility plays in determining the price of options, it's very difficult to be successful in options trading. The basic principle of trading options contracts based on volatility is that you look to buy contracts that are expected to increase in IV and write contracts that are expected to fall in IV. This is a simplified take on IV, and in reality it's a little more complex than that.


There is no free lunch with stocks and bonds. Options are no different. Options trading involves certain risks that the trader must be aware of before making a trade. We’re all creatures of habit — but some habits are worth breaking. Option traders of every level tend to make the same mistakes over and over again. And the sad part is, most of these mistakes could have been easily avoided.

If you know how options work, and how to use them appropriately, you can have a real advantage in the market. Most importantly, options can allow you to put the odds in your favor.



The Topics covered in the VOLATILITY TRADING Practical Training Program are:

Options Pricing :

  • Moneyness of Options
  • Factors affecting Option Premium
  • Calculations

Options Strategies:

  • Bull and Bear Spread Strategies
  • Volatile and Non-Volatile Strategies
  • Hedging Strategies
  • Advanced Options Strategies ( calender spread,diagonal spread,pair trading)
  • Trading the volatility skew
  • Sidha sauda, Ulta sauda & mixed sauda
  • trading on the basis of IV vs HV

Option Greeks :

Detail Discussion On Options Greeks

  • Delta
  • Gamma
  • Vega
  • Theta
  • Rho

Greeks Management :

Learn the art of Greeks Management

  • Delta  & Gamma Management
  • Theta Management
  • Vega Management

Trade Management :

Detail discussion on different Trade Management  Techniques

Trade Sequence :

Detail Discussion on Below Topics

  • Finding Set-Up
  • Determining Allocation Size
  • Planning Out The Trade
  • Execution Entry
  • Monitoring
  • Exits

Different Topics :

  • Understand the theory and mathematics behind Options.
  • What are the factors that affect Options pricing.
  • How are Options different than Stocks
  • How you can use Options even if you invest in Stocks
  • Art of adjusting Options strategies.
  • How to Use Support & Resistance in Options Trading.
  • How to Avoid Costly Trading Mistakes
  • How to Develop The Right Trader Mindset
  • How to Lower Your Risk and Maximize Your Profits
  • how to choose the strike price and expiry period.

Softwares & Mobile Apps :

Learn how to utilize different software and mobile apps for trading

  • Options Analysis Software
  • Back testing Software
  • Virtual Trading Software
  • Useful Mobile Apps
  • Charting Software


  •  We will also add enrolled students  to our WhatsApp Trading Group  for any kind of doubt resolution related to content while pursuing the course.
  • Student will also continue to receive market updates,Trading ideas through this WhatsApp Trading Group on a regular basis.


Students enrolling for this program will be given a “Certificate of Participation” from SSEI  facilitated by, after successful completion of the course.


  • Students
  • Investors
  • Traders
  • Employees
  • Sub Brokers
  • Financial Service Professionals
  • all people who are interested to learn about  Options Trading
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