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Experienced Faculties

Mr. Sanjay Saraf

Mr. Sanjay Saraf has evolved as a pure edu-preneur and pracademician while applying his academic excellence into various fields of finance and entrepreneurship. While on one hand, he has been a Gold Medalist in MS. Finance and a Merit Certificate holder in Quantitative Finance and International Economics, on the other hand he has been providing valuation expertise for new edge start-ups and enabling Brokerage houses setup, Arbitrage desk for Algo and High Frequency Trading. His expertise lies in Risk Management, Financial Treasury, Options Trading , Volatility Trading and Business Valuation (fundamental analysis).

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Mr. Guddu Kumar Shaw

Success is a direct upshot of unwavering efforts and hardwork. This saying truly suits the life of Mr. Guddu Kumar Shaw. Mr. Shaw holds a whopping 10+ years experience as a Propriety Desk Trader. He has an astute and in-depth understanding of Options including management of Greeks of Plain Vanilla Options Portfolio.

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Complete Course Content


PHASE 1 : Introduction

  • Introduction

PHASE 2 : Understanding Future

  • Meaning of Futures
  • Futures Basic Terminologies
  • Pricing of Futures
  • Futures Settlement Price

PHASE 3 : Risk in Futures Trading

  • Initial and Exposure Margin
  • Mark to Market Profit and Loss
  • How Futures are Rewarding
  • How Futures are Risky?
  • Futures Pay off Profile

PHASE 4 : Introduction to Options

  • Call Buy Introduction
  • Pay off Graph Explanation
  • Call Sell Explanation
  • BEP of Call Option
  • Put Buy Introduction
  • Put Sell Explanation
  • BEP of Put Option
  • Types of Options by Intrinsic Value
  • Synthetic Future – Buy & Sell
  • Synthetic Call – Buy & Sell
  • Synthetic Put – Buy & Sell
  • Shortcut for Synthetic Formula

PHASE 5 : Options Pricing

  • Options Pricing Introduction
  • Options Pricing with respect to Time to Maturity
  • Meaning and Importance of Implied Volatility – What is Implied Volatility?
  • Difference Between Implied Volatility and Historical Volatility
  • Meaning and Importance of Volatility Smile and Skew
  • Relationship of Options Premium with its Variables
  • How to Use Softwares to understand Options and Greeks
  • Introduction of Volatility
  • Why Implied Volatility of an Option Changes Continuously

PHASE 6 : Greeks Introduction

  • Introduction to Options Greeks
  • Calculation of Options Greeks on Options Calculator
  • How to use Softwares to learn Options Behavior
  • How to Calculate Portfolio Greeks
  • How to neutralize the Portfolio Greeks

PHASE 7 : Delta

  • Delta Introduction
  • How to Calculate Portfolio Delta
  • How to Neutralize Portfolio Delta
  • Delta Impact on  P&L with respect to Change in Spot
  • Important Points on Delta

PHASE 8 : Vega

  • Vega Introduction
  • Behavior of Vega with respect to ITM, ATM or OTM Options
  • Behavior of Vega with respect to Time to Maturity
  • How to Calculate Portfolio Vega
  • How to neutralize the Portfolio Vega
  • Traders Desire with respect to Vega
  • Important Points on Vega

PHASE 9 : Theta & Rho

  • Theta Introduction
  • Behavior of Theta with respect to ITM, ATM and OTM Options
  • Behavior of Theta with respect to Volatility
  • Behavior of Theta with respect to Time to Maturity
  • How to Calculate Portfolio Theta
  • How to neutralize Portfolio Theta
  • Theta Impact on Profit and Loss
  • Traders desire with respect to Theta
  • Important Points on Theta
  • Explanation of Rho

PHASE 10 : Gamma

  • Gamma Introduction
  • Calculation of Gamma
  • Value of Put Gamma
  • Behavior of Gamma with respect to ITM, ATM and OTM Options
  • Behavior of Gamma with respect to Time to Maturity
  • How to Calculate Gamma
  • How to Calculate Portfolio Gamma
  • How to Neutralize Portfolio Gamma
  • What is my view when my Portfolio Gamma is Short or Long
  • Important Points on Gamma


PHASE 11 : Greeks' Impact

  • Joint Impact of Greeks on Profit and Loss Part1
  • Joint Impact of Greeks on Profit and Loss Part2
  • Relationship of Implied Volatility with Options Greeks

PHASE 12 : Volga

  • Difference between First and Second Line Greek
  • Introduction to Volga
  • Importance of Volga
  • Factors Affecting Volga
  • How to calculate Volga

PHASE 13 : Vanna

  • Introduction to Vanna
  • Factors affecting Vanna
  • How to calculate vanna
  • Vanna Negative or positive

PHASE 14 : Options Writing Strategies

  • Short Gamma Strategy
  • Low Delta Short Gamma Strategy
  • Benefit of Delta Neutral Process
  • Low Delta Short Gamma Strategy
  • How to neutralize the Delta effectively
  • Importance of Algorithmic Trading Software

PHASE 15 : Pros & Cons of Options Writing

  • Stock Options Vs Index Options Selling
  • Selection of Strike Price as per Open Interest
  • How to avoid the risk of Unlimited Losses
  • Combination of Next month Options Writing and Current month Options Hedging
  • Importance of Delta Neutral through Synthetic Futures
  • Risk Management System
  • How to exit when market is volatile or goes against you 
  • Strategies for Different Time Zone
  • Options writing with Small Investment

PHASE 16 : Straddle & Strangle Strategies

  • Long Straddle
  • Short Straddle
  • Long Strangle
  • Short Strangle
  • Difference between Long Straddle and Long Strangle
  • Long Straddle Greek Behavior
  • Long Strangle Greek Behavior
  • Short Straddle Short Strangle Greek Behavior
  • When to make Straddle Strangle Strategy
  • Straddle Strangle Jobbing

PHASE 17 : Bull & Bear Spreads

  • Bull Call Spread
  • Bull Put Spread
  • Bear Call Spread
  • Bear Put Spread
  • How to Find BEP of Bull and Bear Spread
  • Jobbing Opportunity in Bull and Bear Spread

PHASE 18 : Ratio Spread Strategies

  • Introduction to Ratio Spread
  • Call Ratio Front Spread
  • Put Ratio Front Spread
  • Call Ratio Back Spread
  • Put Ratio Back Spread
  • Call Ratio Front Spread Ladder
  • Put Ratio Front Spread Ladder
  • Call Ratio Back Spread Ladder
  • Put Ratio Back Spread Ladder
  • Price Ratio Spread Vs Delta Ratio Spread
  • Jobbing Opportunity in Delta Ratio Spread
  • Vega Ratio Spread
  • When to make Ratio Spread and Ladders
  • How to find BEP of Ratio Front Spread and Back Spread and Ladders

PHASE 19 : Risk Hedging Concept for Futures

  • When and How we stuck in Futures Trade
  • Futures Vs Synthetic Future
  • How to make Bullish Trade
  • How to make Bearish Trade
  • How to Hedge Futures Risk


PHASE 20 : Hedging Long Futures Risk

  • Long Futures Hedge with Long Put
  • Long Futures Hedge with Short Call Option
  • Long Futures Hedge with next month short Futures
  • Long Futures Hedge with Bear Call Spread
  • Long Futures Hedge with Bear Put Spread
  • Long Futures Hedge with Put Ratio Front Spread
  • Long Futures Hedge with Put Ratio Back Spread

PHASE 21 : Hedging Short Futures Risk

  • Short Futures Hedge with Buy Call Option
  • Short Futures Hedge with Sell Put Option
  • Short Futures Hedge with Next month Long Futures
  • Short Futures Hedge with Bull Call Spread
  • Short Futures Hedge with Bull Put Spread
  • Short Futures Hedge with Call Ratio Front Spread
  • Short Futures Hedge with Call Ratio Back Spread

PHASE 22 : Butterfly & Condor Strategies

  • Introduction to Butterfly Strategy
  • Long Call Butterfly
  • Short Call Butterfly
  • Long Put Butterfly
  • Short Put Butterfly
  • How Call Butterfly and Put Butterfly are Same
  • Long Iron Butterfly
  • Short Iron Butterfly
  • Long Butterfly Greek Behavior
  • Short Butterfly Greek Behavior
  • Long Call Condor
  • Short Call Condor
  • Long Put Condor
  • Long Iron Condor
  • Short Put Condor
  • Short Iron Condor
  • Long Condor Greek Behavior
  • Short Condor Greek Behavior

PHASE 23 : Calander Spread Strategies

  • Long Calendar Spread
  • Short Calendar Spread
  • Long Calendar Spread Greek Behavior
  • Short Calendar Spread Greek Behavior

PHASE 24 : Other Strategies

  • Put Call Parity
  • Tik Tak Strategy
  • Daily Break Even Point BEP
  • Book Building Strategy

PHASE 25 : Important Notes

  • Currency Options Greeks and Maturities
  • Sigma Range Calculation and Importance
  • Dispersion Theory
  • Introduction to Open Interest
  • How to take view of Market using Open Interest
  • 10 Rules of a Good Derivatives Options Trader
  • Whether Volatility is Cheaper or Expensive

PHASE 26 : Volatility Spread Trading

  • Understanding Volatility Skew
  • Introduction to Volatility spread
  • Which Greek is better
  • Intro Front spread and a Back Spread
  • C2C FS Greeks understanding
  • Which FS is better include P2P & C2P FS Greeks understanding
  • Which BS is better include C2C, P2P & C2P BS Greeks understanding
  • Combination Spread
  • How to calculate Vega spread
  • Deciding the best spread
  • Selecting spread 
  • Entering trade in live market 

PHASE 27 : Conclusion of the Course

  • Why will you make money
  • How to become Masters in Options

Words from our Students

A very informative training on options trading  with the instruction and skill of Guddu sir  it leaves you with a yearning to more and more on options trading.


Classes are really interesting and helpful. Sir help us to create options trading strategies.

He guides us in every possible way.


CFA Student

Classes helped me understand and to have a better grip on options and options Greeks specifically in their practical applications. Sir is very helpful


CFA Student

Sir is very friendly. he explain the concept in very detailed and he is ready to help anytime


CFA Student

It was one of my great learning experience under Sanjay sir guidance. The way sir explains is easy to understand, grip and apply. The session was very practical, interactive and exciting.Thank you sir for helping me whenever needed.


CFA Student

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